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Arise IBO Information - Find Out How IBOs Structure Their Fees, What A SOW Is And More

Updated 03/22/2024

Arise IBOs are an important asset to CSPs as most provide helpful support services for their team. Most good IBOs do a lot of work to support their CSPs through the entire Arise process. We have done some independent research to find out more information about Arise IBOs and how things work.

IBO Fees

In order to provide you a support structure as well as to have the proper bank account required by Arise and features to pay you, all IBOs need to collect some kind of fee or income from CSPs on the team. Arise also charges $19.75 for each CSP every pay period. IBOs will either have the Arise fee built into their pay structure or have it deducted as a separate fee each pay period. There are a few different ways in which we have found how IBOs structure their fees. An IBO usually uses one or more of these structures. It is only fair for an IBO to choose the structure that works best for them and what they feel is fair for their CSPs so they can stay in business for them. The flat fee, percentage fee, and hourly pay deduction are the fee structures. The following are details of each structure.

Flat Fee
The most common fee structure is the flat fee method. This is where an IBO will openly tell you how much they will deduct from the total income each pay period. The IBO will either have the $19.75 built in with their fee or charge their fee and have the Arise Service fee of $19.75 separate. We have whether an IBO does or does not have the Arise fee included in their fee on our Compare Chart and also on each IBO's details page.

Some IBOs will charge a certain percentage amount of the total income you have earned each pay period. For example, an IBO may have a 7 percent service fee and if you earn $1000 in a pay period, they will deduct 7 percent from the $1000. They may also either cover the $19.75 Arise Service fee within the percentage they deduct or have that deducted separately. We show whether a IBO that charges a percentage fee if they cover the $19.75 Arise Service Fee on our Compare Chart and also on each IBO's details page.

Hourly Pay Deduction:
Some IBOs don't charge a flat fee or percentage fee. Instead, they deduct a certain amount per hour that you service. For example, if an IBO has a 1 dollar per hour deduction and the client pays $10 per hour, you will earn $9 per hour and $1 per hour will go toward the IBO for business costs to support you. The IBO will either cover the $19.75 Arise Service fee from the hourly deduction or deduct it separately each pay period.

Arise Client Pays IBO:
There is a new structure that the Arise client pays the IBO fee that a few IBOs have been selected. The Arise client pays the IBO service fee and the Arise CSPs servicing with these IBOs do not have to pay it. Arise charges the $19.75 Arise Service fee from each servicing Arise CSP, however the Arise CSP would not have to pay any extra IBO service fees.


Even though IBOs will have a central location or State for their main office, you are not required to reside in the same State as the IBO unless the IBO specifies they only hire within their State or local location. About 99 percent of all IBOs will allow a CSP from any location to join their team so don't worry about trying to find a IBO within your State unless that is something you really need. It is much better to select an IBO that is right for you based on their fee structure and what they have to offer you than to select one solely on being in the same State.

SOW – What is a SOW?

An SOW, or Statement of Work is a contract that is provided to a IBO if you successfully pass training. The SOW will have the revenue that the CSP will earn, expectations of metrics that need to be achieved by the CSP and more. Some IBOs will provide their CSPs a copy of the SOW while others do not. Having a copy of the SOW is important for some CSPs while it is not for others. We have information on whether the SOW is provided by an IBO in the Compare Chart.

IBO Specific Portal

Some Arise IBOs will offer a specific Portal that is exclusive for their CSPs to log in to find more information about Arise. They may share things such as the Arise client announcements that show the client pay, copies of SOWs, helpful tips on advancing through the Arise process and more. If they don't have a Specific Portal, many IBOs will share this information through other methods. Based on things we hear from CSPs, they prefer a specific portal from their IBO as they are able to check things at their convenience.

We hope the information will help you with your search for the IBO that is right for you. IBOs that list on our site already show their commitment to CSPs as they transparently provide details of their business and are confident they provide great services by allowing themselves to be reviewed by their CSPs.

We want to thank you for choosing IBO Compare for your search!

Please visit our Compare Chart and/or IBO List to select the best IBO for you.

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